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What’s your parenting style?

There are three common parenting styles including authoritarian, permissive, and choices. Take a look at your parenting and what style you might tend gravitate towards. Here’s my next video where I talk about how giving a child choices might be the best model.

Eric Arzubi, MD

Dr. Eric Arzubi is a child & adolescent psychiatrist at Billings Clinic.

2 comments on “What’s your parenting style?
  1. Jenny says:

    Well In modern days, everyone has their on style of parenting. Some love to care their kids own and others like to hire a nanny to care for their kids. But according to me, it’s necessary for each parent to connect with their kids. It does not only show love and affection, but it’s an opportunity to know your kids deeply from inside. And a good parent is one who is a friend more than parent to their kids.

  2. Jenny says:

    sorry it’s own instead of on.

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