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Wash hands to prevent spread of Enterovirus D68

There have been recent calls from concerned parents hearing news that our community may be affected by the recent outbreak of Enterovirus D68.  This is a rare strain of a common summer virus that can result in more robust respiratory symptoms than other strains of enteroviruses.  In children with a history of asthma or reactive airway disease, this virus may cause an asthma attack that may be mild to severe.  It is a viral infection, so there is no specific medication that can be given to treat the virus and there is no vaccine that can be given to prevent it.  The only treatment is supportive and the only prevention is handwashing.  The seasonal flu vaccine does not provide any protection against this virus.  If you feel your child is having respiratory problems such as a severe cough, wheezing, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, etc, you should seek medical services to evaluate their respiratory status and need for any supportive care.  If they have no breathing issues and symptoms only include low grade fever, mild cough, sore throat and runny nose, keep any eye on them and contact your doctor if their symptoms worsen.

Michelle Pierson, MD

Hi! My name is Michelle Pierson and I am a wife, mom, and general pediatrician at the Billings Clinic. I am excited about this blog and the opportunity to reach out to parents in my hometown of Billings. Growing up here and raising my own kiddos in this community gives me some perspective on how we can take care of our children's health with the resources we have in the region. I get great joy from my family and job, and a good piece of chocolate cake! A good book and "cuddle time" with my kids on the couch rank up there pretty high too.

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