Caring for Kids…at Billings Clinic


Teaching and Guiding vs Discipline

Teaching and guiding is about developing your child’s morals, values, rules and standards for acceptable behavior. Discipline, in the teaching and guiding sense, helps your child learn right from wrong and learn to trust. More about discipline in my Vlog here:

Parenting Part 1: Why parent?

Parenting is an everyday challenge. We all need to stop and reflect sometimes about our parenting style, what’s working and what isn’t, and how we can improve our interactions. This is the first of a series of videos that offer some important ideas to think about as you work to raise a child that is happy, healthy, confident, … continue reading

When your kid misbehaves

There are about as many parenting styles as there are parents.  Your own style depends a lot on your temperament and personality.  In a similar way, your children’s temperament and personality dictates how they respond to discipline.  What works for a more laid-back child won’t work for a stubborn one and vice versa.  The best … continue reading

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