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Parenting feelings

Being aware of our feelings when we’re interacting with our kids is an important part of parenting. When we’re self-aware, it gives us a more accurate understanding of our child’s feelings and separates the feeling from the person. Look at feelings as comfortable and uncomfortable. In this video I have some tips on how to manage feelings in your relationship with your child. Take a look.

Eric Arzubi, MD

Dr. Eric Arzubi is a child & adolescent psychiatrist at Billings Clinic.

1 comment on “Parenting feelings
  1. Joey Eastman says:

    This was a great reminder of stuff I already know but sometimes forget. I really appreciate the information and how it was delivered. I didn’t have to find a sitter and drive to Billings. Instead while my son played with his cars and my teen age daughter and I watched this from our sofa. Best part when my husband gets home he can watch it as well. Nice job Billings Clinic and staff!

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