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Keeping those Ghouls Safe on Halloween

October is such a great month full of spooky fun, harvest parties, corn mazes and candied apples.  So as not to put a damper on your Halloween night, here’s some tips adopted from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to keep safety at the forefront of your family’s festivities:

S: Swords, staffs, wands and other accessories should be soft and pliable.

A: Adult supervision is always required for younger children.  Older children should never go out alone.  Groups with an adult are preferred.

F: Fasten reflective tape on the front and back of costumes to be sure kids are visible to drivers.

E: Examine all treats for choking hazards, especially for kids younger than 3.


H: Hold flashlights to be able to see in the dark and to be seen by other pedestrians and drivers.

A: Always test make-up for irritation on a small part of the skin before applying extensively.

L:  Look both ways before crossing the street!

L:  Lower eye health risks by not wearing designer contact lenses or make-up too close to the eyes.

O:  Only walk on sidewalks or well-marked pathways instead of in the street. Walk, don’t run!

W: Well-fitted costumes and shoes are best.  Be sure there is no loose parts that can snag and cause tripping.

E:  Eat only factory-wrapped candy.  Avoid homemade treats handed out by strangers. Eat treats in moderation!

E:  Enter homes only with another adult and in neighborhoods you know.

N:  Never walk near candles or open flames.  Be sure all costumes are fire-resistant.

Remember to keep the fright-factor to a minimum for the younger kiddos.  Some of today’s Halloween décor and imagery is not really appropriate for younger children.  Their minds are very concrete and seeing a zombie baby eating another baby’s brain seems real to them.  Use common sense and everyone should have a good time!  Happy Safe Halloween!

Michelle Pierson, MD

Hi! My name is Michelle Pierson and I am a wife, mom, and general pediatrician at the Billings Clinic. I am excited about this blog and the opportunity to reach out to parents in my hometown of Billings. Growing up here and raising my own kiddos in this community gives me some perspective on how we can take care of our children's health with the resources we have in the region. I get great joy from my family and job, and a good piece of chocolate cake! A good book and "cuddle time" with my kids on the couch rank up there pretty high too.

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