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Heart Month: Caring for kids with congenital heart disease

A visit to any specialist for your child can be scary.  Although most children are pretty healthy, sometimes a parent’s worst fears can come true and they will learn that their child has a complex and chronic disease, such as congenital heart disease.  Congenital heart disease simply means heart disease that your child was born … continue reading

Back to School to-do list for kids with asthma

Did you know that asthma attacks spike in the month of September? There are lots of reasons for this including fall allergies, viral exposure when kids go back to school and late season forest fires.  In addition, many children are able to stop their controller medication (that everyday inhaled steroid) in the summer because of … continue reading

Diabetes in Kids

Diabetes is the 2nd most common chronic disease in the U.S.  It affects 1 in 2500 children by age 5 and 1 in 300 by age 18. Diabetes is characterized by elevated blood sugar which accounts for all the initial symptoms in children. These include weight loss, excess urination, new bedwetting, excess thirst especially at … continue reading

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