Caring for Kids…at Billings Clinic

Month May 2014

The Facts about Acne

The bane of many teenagers’ existence, acne, is incredibly common.  It is often one of the first signs that puberty is about to begin and often doesn’t improve until a child is out of adolescence.  Teens with significant acne have a higher rate of depression and social isolation.  Effective treatment has been shown to improvement … continue reading

Children’s Mental Health Awareness

The U.S. is facing a child mental health crisis, and Montana is no exception.  Un- or undertreated child and adolescent emotional-behavioral problems often lead to psychiatric disorders in adults, representing a significant public health problem.  In fact, mental illness is the #1 cause of disability in the U.S. and in Canada, according to the World … continue reading

The Stomach Flu

The ‘stomach flu’ (gastroenteritis) is one of the most common reasons that we see kids in the pediatric office.  The typical stomach flu starts with about 24 hours of lots of vomiting followed by several days and up to a couple of weeks of diarrhea.  This is different than The Flu (short for influenza) of … continue reading

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